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Getting my run on.

Archives for September, 2009

Silence = Stalling

You knew that though didn’t you? That when I don’t write here it’s because I’ve hit a slow patch? No worries though. I’ll pick it back up again. I just need a break right now. I want to wish my friends who are running the Women Run The Cities 10 mile race this weekend good luck. Have great races lady!

Kris has been doing a lot of training lately including most week nights after I get home from work. I don’t know if he’s trying to make up for lost time when he had to take a couple weeks off for his surgery or what but he’s been going crazy lately. He might do a duathlon the first weekend in October in Osceola, Wisconsin. Maybe it’s time to set up another schedule (Tues, Thurs mine; Mon, Wed, Fri his?) so I can’t come up with more excuses? Even if I don’t have any races to officially train for? Time to go ponder…

Here comes fall

I know most of you are hardier folk than I. So I’m here to admit that when I set off on my first run during the duathlon last weekend that I choked up a bit. It wasn’t because here I was in another race and race day is always so exciting and my children were here to cheer me on this time. No, it was because I was running outside. And I knew that my outdoor running time was limited. Here it is after Labor Day now and while it’s still warm outside today, the weather is going to turn soon. I could run outdoors all winter long like some of you do. I’ve done that in the past (my marathon was in January of 2003 so there was outdoor cold weather running). I remember how it could be cold out and I’d just put on a headband for my ears, some mittens for my fingers and an extra layer or two and out I’d go. I specifically remember a time I was running around Lake Calhoun and could see my breath as I ran. And that run went great too if I remember correctly. Not this year though. I just don’t have it in me this year. The sidewalks around my house are not well maintained during the winter and I don’t really feel like falling on my arse. Maybe once in a while, if there’s a warm streak and the ice and snow melts off the sidewalks I can make a quick jaunt outside. I’ll enjoy it while I can and then I’ll make friends with Mr. Elliptical and Mr. Bike Trainer and keep my cardio up until next spring when I can hit the pavement again. Sigh.