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Getting my run on.

Archives for February, 2010

No Carbs for Me Please

Got a new diet. Got a new blood meter. Got some new instructions – 4 finger pokes a day – carb limits at each meal and snack – this ought to be fun.


I’m already tired of not being able to eat what I want when I want and I’m only 24 hours into this! However, while this is an annoyance, it’s also necessary. Healthy baby. Healthy Mom. Those are my only two goals for this pregnancy.

But…anybody have any protein snacks besides nuts they can share with me? I need some ideas!

Fail, Fail, Fail

Well, this is new. I have been formally diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I didn’t fail the 1 hour test with my first two pregnancies but this one had to be different I guess. I’ll go in tomorrow or Wednesday to meet with a nutritional counselor and find out what I have to do. For sure there will be a new diet to follow. And probably multiple finger pokes a day to check blood sugars. I’ll probably be told to exercise (at least walking). I’ve already got a coworker/friend offering to do laps in our large building during the day with me. I can do that at least until the sidewalks around my house aren’t covered with 4 feet of snow because, well, I don’t want to walk in the street.

After that though I’m not sure. Hopefully I don’t have to do insulin injections. And hopefully this is the only hiccup in my otherwise complication free pregnancy.

Anyone have any diet/exercise tips for this new gestationally diabetic person over here?

Feeling Old

I can definitely tell that I’m 33 during this pregnancy rather than 28 like with Annika or 30 with James. My body gets tired and worn out much quicker this time. I take a lot more naps. My back is killing me almost every day. The baby’s kicks and rolls and punches are either more violent this time or I just can’t handle them as well. They hurt! I’m so very happy to be pregnant but at the same time I am feeling old!


We’ve been hacked. We’ve cleaned our computer of it’s virus. We’ve reinstalled WordPress (again) and we’ve changed passwords. Hopefully this time we can stay up and running! Let me know ( if you have problems finding me here or get any error messages!

It’s About Time

I sort of fell off the cliff there, didn’t I? Yeah…

But now that I’m 30 weeks pregnant (today) and spring is around the corner (shut up, it is) I’m starting to think about my body post pregnancy and getting outside again to exercise. Post baby, I want to exercise and be healthy, have a positive body image while also not starving myself (I plan on breastfeeding and need to make sure I have adequate calories each day) or not beat myself up for “not doing enough.”

I’ve registered for the Minneapolis Duathlon as I told you last fall. Earlier this week I received my confirmation post card from them with my registration number: 1204. It’s official. I have my comeback race. Now I need to formulate a plan for what my goals will be when I reach that six week postpartum milestone. What will my calorie goals be? What will my exercise goals be? I plan on having no weight goals at all for the first six months. I’ll eat healthy, exercise and let my body figure the rest out.

Most of all, I want to maintain a healthy attitude.