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Getting my run on.

Archives for March, 2010


I’ve decided April is my month. My month to start exercising again. I know that I won’t get my six week postpartum clearance until late May or June. But I also wouldn’t mind helping to get labor started in April with a walk or ten. I’m not due until April 27th and if my past two pregnancies are any indication I’ll be induced on or shortly after my due date.

My exercise won’t be strenuous. Hell, I’m so tired and sore by the end of the day that any exercise at all will be amazing. But it’s getting nice out and by April 1st I’ll be 36.5 weeks so going into labor wouldn’t be so bad! The kids would love it if every evening when I got home from work I asked if they wanted to go outside and go for a walk. So, low impact exercise like walking is where you’ll find me in April.

+1 Pound

I did manage to gain 1 pound at my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. That was one pound since my appointment two weeks before that where I was down one pound from my appointment two weeks before that. Essentially I’ve maintained my weight from four weeks ago. Sigh.

My doctor was unconcerned though. She said it would be fine if I didn’t gain another pound from here until the baby is born. But I can’t lose any weight either. I’ve gained roughly 26 pounds now which is within the recommended weight gain range (25-35) for a full term pregnancy.

So that is my goal – don’t lose any weight. I will continue to eat my normal diet, add in some extra calories where I can, and I should be able to maintain my weight or maybe add a couple pounds here in the last 6 weeks or so until my due date.

Not Right Now

It’s definitely spring here in Minnesota. Oh sure, we could get another blast of winter in the form of sleet or freezing rain or even a snow shower or two but with highs in the 50′s this week, it’s definitely spring. There’s a bit of snow still left in our yard but those are only where the huge piles of snow had been before this last warm spell. And as we drive here and there you can’t help but notice all the people out enjoying the warmth. Runners, walkers, bicyclists are everywhere! I have to admit I’m a bit jealous of them. But on the other hand? Not really.

It’s not that I don’t want to be out there running with them. It’s that this eight months pregnant body of mine is just not up to the task. Every night my back aches. I get winded just walking up the stairs at home (might have to do with the baby constantly pressing on my lungs!). I’m in that uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. Exercise at this point sounds like torture. Of course so does sitting for too long and I can’t seem to get comfortable at night so I end up tossing and turning. This silly baby in my does not like the mattress impeding his space so he punches and kicks it all night long as I lay on this side or that one.

I’m just tired. And I’m hoping that when I get my body back, oh say in June, that I’ll be excited about getting out there and joining the runners on the sidewalks.

Need to Gain Weight!

OK, I’m finally back in. My site was flagged for being a malware spreading site and I was blocked from getting in here to update you all. One more sweep of the files and a request for a review of my site and I’m back. Hopefully that’s the end of this damn virus!

Anyway, weight. Let’s talk about it. Since I’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I’ve had to alter my diet, my weight has plateaued. I know, what problems, right? Usually this wouldn’t be a problem but I need to gain weight to properly sustain this pregnancy. I’m going to be weighing myself daily and my doctor will be following my weight along with my glucose levels to make sure everything is OK.

Part of my problem is that I’m not hungry. I eat, I’m satisfied and then I don’t snack or I have a small snack. I may need to find more low sugar but high calorie foods to eat. Anyway, I’ll be keeping track of this so I have the healthiest pregnancy possible. For those of you curious, to date I’ve gained about 25 pounds which is right where I’m supposed to be. Overall weight gain is fine. I just need to make sure I continue to gain weight these last seven weeks so my baby is as healthy as possible.

Fracking Media!

Anyone else notice how celebrities tend to lose all their baby weight in just a few months time? Heidi Klum had a baby last August and by December she was back to her supermodel frame again. (And I think she looks healthy, not stick thin like some others. *cough* Gisele *cough*) I usually give them a pass because it’s part of their job to look good and I’m sure they feel enormous pressure to get back there. And they have the money to spend on trainers and nutritionists that a lot of “regular folk” don’t.

Kourtney Kardashian had a baby recently and she was put on a magazine cover just a couple weeks afterwards looking really good! I didn’t think much of it until I saw the original picture side by side with the altered, cover picture here at Bounce Back. Now that is just plain ridiculous and insulting! First of all Kourtney was not model thin to begin with. She had great womanly curves that she was proud of. That we should all be proud of. And for the magazine to chop all those off, to even photoshop the baby himself(!) is just wrong, so very, very wrong. I’m glad I don’t buy any of those magazines. At least I’m not helping their bottom line.

If you want to see true pictures of mothers: while pregnant, after the birth, after living, then go visit Shape of a Mother and skip all those gossip rags. Maybe if more people did we could embrace what our bodies really look like, stretch marks, and all. It is my goal after the birth of my baby to lose my baby weight in a healthy way and in a reasonable timeframe, to reach my goal weight of 145 (or less), to stay healthy through healthy diet and exercise and to enjoy my life with my husband and children. I will wear a bikini even though my stomach is covered in stretch marks and I will not feel ashamed. This is my body. It has done amazing things and I am proud of it.