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Getting my run on.

Week 8 – 10×10 almost over!

Only two more weeks. I, uh, doubt I’m going to make that 10 pounds lost goal. I KNOW I’m not going to make the 10 inches lost goal. Today I weighed in at 159.4. No worries though. I was 157.6 for four days before that. Then, yesterday, I had three alcoholic drinks (after not drinking anything for over a month!) along with pizza and cookies (that were fresh out of the oven – hey Day 1 will do that to you, ya know?), quesadillas, etc. Let’s just say the eating was definitely over the top. Today though I’m back at it. Calories are being tracked and I’m sure that 159 is temporary. Plus – I have my work out clothes on! And I’m going to be putting in at least 20 minutes (either elliptical, bike or 30 Day Shred) before bed tonight. I will. New page being turned here people. It’s time to get both nutrition and exercise back on track!

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