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Getting my run on.

When is your optimal time during the day to exercise? For me it’s definitely in the mornings. I feel great in the morning. I have energy. I have motivation. This morning I was antsy. I wanted to get out there for a run. The sun was shining. It wasn’t hot out yet. And I was stuck inside at work staring at it all outside. I could feel it in my legs – they wanted to run.

Usually when I get home from work in the evenings I am so tired from my day (of meetings) and from the long car ride home (I fall asleep while riding in cars very easily). And it’s even worse before bed. I’m exhausted. My patience is short. All I want to do is sit, veg out, no thinking, no activity.

So, in a perfect world I would get up in the morning, get my work out in and go on with my day.

In the real world I’m up at 5:45am, out the door at 6:20am, at work by 7:00am, home by 4:15pm, exercise if I can (have to alternate days with Kris) or if I can make myself, dinner around 5-6pm and then single parenting for the evening while Kris is at work. Kids are usually in bed sleeping by 9pm although that’s been variable this summer – sometimes it’s 8:30, sometimes it’s 10pm. I need to be in bed by 10pm so I can get adequate sleep (for me) to get up by 5:45am the next morning.

I’m struggling lately with motivation and fatigue at that 4:30pm hour. By that time I don’t want to work out anymore. Anyone have any suggestions to help me?

And please don’t say get up earlier. I don’t have a treadmill or a gym membership and it’s starting to get dark out in the mornings. I don’t want to run or bike outside in the dark. I could elliptical in the basement but, well, that’s just not the same. But it is an option.

Kris and I have talked about getting a gym membership where I could go use a treadmill in the morning (24 Hour Fitness or something like that). We’ve also talked about getting a membership to the YMCA opening near us soon. There the kids could go to the daycare while I used the treadmills. That would be more expensive and more time away from the kids (although I’m doing that now with working out after work). Maybe I should just bite the bullet and join an inexpensive 24 hour gym? Man, that would be an early morning. Yuck.

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  1. by Jen K, on August 13 2009 @ 4:27 pm


    I am lucky as we have a workout center at work. I can run and take a shower at lunch. Unfortunately, this also means I have to run in this horrible heat/humidity/sunshine. ;) I am lucky and do have some coworkers that are willing to tough it out with me, although sometimes they ditch me as they don’t want to do as many miles.
    Is there a fitness place close to work that you could use?

    My optimal time is usually in the mornings as well. That usually works out for my long runs on Saturdays. I too get crabby in the evenings and just want to veg. ;)

    Jen K

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