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Getting my run on.


The past couple days I have been hungry. HUNGRY! Who knows why but it’s a deep in my stomach “I’m really hungry and not just bored, emotional, etc.” hunger. So, I’ve been indulging. Maybe a little too much – there was a going away party at work today and I did indulge in two small brownies plus some crackers and cheese. OK, and a few chips. Just a few though! And the past couple days I’ve brought extra food with me to work to eat throughout the day too. Yesterday it was an extra fruit cup (no corn syrup – real fruit juice! Yay!) and a granola bar on top of the string cheese, oatmeal, frozen lunch and yogurt that I usually eat. Sure, that only adds up to a couple hundred extra calories but it was just what my body needed. When I got home from work I wasn’t super starving. Sure, both nights I’ve been eating more than just dinner – having a couple small snacks at night too.

I wonder if it’s because of the increased workouts I’ve been doing lately. No, they haven’t been all that long or strenuous but it’s more than I’ve done lately. The couple weeks before the half marathon were rather light, exercise-wise and the couple weeks after were just as light. Then last Saturday there was the easy 3 mile run, Monday was a 35 minute spin and Tuesday was another 3 mile run. Yesterday I rested and tonight I’m going to spin again – as soon as I’m done here. See? Could that be it? More exercise = more hunger? Probably. I just need to keep this from getting out of control. No, Kristina – you do not need another cookie…

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