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Getting my run on.

Reasons! Excuses!

I’ve slacked off lately. I admit it. I haven’t exercised since last Thursday. Wrong! Bad! Lazy! OK, but there’s also reasons! Last Friday was spent new vehicle shopping. And Saturday morning was spent new vehicle purchasing! And then Saturday afternoon was spent driving to Iowa in said new vehicle. And then Saturday night was spent spending quality time with family in Iowa. And then Sunday morning was spent getting the kids ready for church (and nephew’s baptism – our reason for being in Iowa) while Kris went out running and then going to said baptism. Sunday afternoon was spent celebrating said baptism with said family. Sunday evening was spent driving home where we arrived at 9pm and finally got kids in bed by 10pm. There was no time for exercising then!

I could have exercised last night. I didn’t though with no real good excuse. Is being tired an excuse? Well, it is although probably not a good one. What can I say? It was a late night Sunday and an early morning Monday with disrupted sleep due to the two year old. By Monday night I was tired.

I got decent sleep last night though so tonight I will get a bike or run in. Probably a bike on the trainer after the kids are in bed. That’s the plan anyway. I think I’ll go for a run tomorrow and probably another bike on Thursday and then rest Friday and Saturday in preparation for race day on Sunday! Third duathlon of the season coming up!

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