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Getting my run on.

Minneapolis Duathlon Race Report

I did it. My third duathlon if the summer. The 1st Annual Minneapolis Duathlon is in the books. Did you know it was America’s Largest Duathlon this year? And that if you register for the 2010 event before September 12th (and are one of the first 750 to register) that you can get a Minneapolis Duathlon bike jersey? Even though my racing wasn’t very good yesterday (see below) I’m thinking of signing up for next year’s race now just to get the jersey! It’s a $50 jersey and the race entry fee is $65. That’s practically a steal!

Anyway, race day. It was an early morning. And I had to get the kids up early too. They came along to the race and Gimpy, I mean Kris (I shouldn’t be mean to Kris. He was so sad yesterday to not be able to race. I felt so bad for him.), watched them while Dusty and I were racing. We left the house shortly before 6:30am and arrived on site, found a nearby parking spot (score!) and I was getting my timing chip by 7:10am. Parked my bike in the transition area, used the restroom and was ready to race at 7:15am. My wave went out at 8:15am. I, uh, had some time to kill. So I danced with the kids to the music.

Around 8am Kris and the kids went to the start line to stake out their spot. Dusty found me and we chatted for a bit then Dusty’s wave started at 8:10am. There were 1200 registered participants so they started us in waves of 100. At 8:15am my wave of women took off (age 30-34). Um, they were all faster than me. All of them. I was last of the pack for the first mile or so. Maybe they just started fast because it’s race day and there’s adrenaline and whatever. I chased down a few of them. At least I wasn’t the last of the women when the wave of men that started 5 minutes after me caught up to me and passed me as if I was standing still! Ugh. I was a little slow on the first run. I blame it on all the eating I did the night before at a party. No drinking of course but enough corn and ribs and chips and dessert to slow me down!

Run 1 (5K) time: 33:59 (10:57 pace)

Kris and the kids were waiting to cheer Dusty and I on at each transition. That was so great! As I ran into T1, I had to search for my bike for a bit. There were 1200 registered racers after all! And hey, there were a lot of bikes still there waiting for their riders when I arrived! (At least that’s what I’m going with, not that those bikes were done racing for the day and their rides were off running again…)

I found my bike, grabbed my helmet, took a swig of Gatorade and speed-walked my bike the 1/4 mile to the bike mount area. It was a big transition area.

T1 time: 2:38

And off I went on the bike. Now, I haven’t been on my bike, on the streets, since the last Duathlon in June. Since then I had been training for the half marathon. I’ve been running all summer! After the half marathon I did two or three training sessions on the bike trainer indoors but never rode outdoors. Let’s just say it took me a bit to get the hang of it again. I couldn’t figure out how to place my hands so my wrists wouldn’t hurt. My butt hurt after 5 or so miles. I had 13 more to go! It was exciting watching all the fast people sail by me though on the out and back route. Even more exciting? My slow ass passing other really slow people! I did indeed catch a few! I liked the route – West River Parkway from Broadway to almost Fort Snelling and back. There were a couple hills but I made it up them easy. Shocking really! I even passed one woman on the biggest hill of the course! Score! By mile 10 though I was ready for this bike ride to be done. My butt was sore. I was standing on my pedals whenever I’d hit a small downhill to ease my poor butt. I just wasn’t really enjoying this anymore. But what was I going to do, give up? Unlikely. So I kept pedaling, trying to keep my pace up, my cadence up, hearing Kris in my ear coaching me. I was really glad to see the orange flags up ahead though marking the end of the bike course. I waved hello to the kids and then dismounted and walked my bike back to the rack.

Bike (18 miles): 1:14:47 (14.4mph)

I took my time in the second transition. I walked my bike back. Racked it. Took off my helmet. Took another swig of Gatorade and then walked back out to the start of the run.

T2: 3:25

I could tell this run was not going to go well. My legs were shot after that bike ride. I was not prepared for this race. But as soon as I hit the start line I started jogging. I had to at least try. I jogged for the first mile, hoping my legs would recover from the bike and figure out hey, we’re running again! And I did feel a bit better after that first mile. The first mile is always the hardest. But I was still shot. My right ankle was hurting. My left knee was hurting. My legs were jelly-like. I just didn’t have anything left. So I just jogged. Just keep jogging. Don’t worry about time. I was so happy to see the orange flags marking the finish line. I was so happy to see Kris and the kids and Dusty and even Jon there cheering me on. And I was so glad I was done.

Run 2 (5K) time: 35:23 (11:24 pace)

Overall time: 2:30:09

After the race was over I sat down to stretch my butt (ouch!) and then we grabbed my bike, loaded up the truck and got out of there. I was done and seriously needed a nap!

Hopefully next year I can do a little better. There’s plenty of room to PR this race!

(And Kris did take pictures but I don’t have them off the camera yet and I can’t be bothered tonight to do it. I’d much rather sit on the couch next to Kris and watch the Vikings. Sue me.)

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  1. by Amanda, on September 2 2009 @ 10:14 am


    Way to tough it out! Sometimes the best job you can do is to just finish the darn thing. So very proud of you for all the great athletic activities you’ve done this summer. Wish I could have joined in for at least a few. Next year, definitely! – 3-week 2-day lady

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