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Getting my run on.

Silence = Stalling

You knew that though didn’t you? That when I don’t write here it’s because I’ve hit a slow patch? No worries though. I’ll pick it back up again. I just need a break right now. I want to wish my friends who are running the Women Run The Cities 10 mile race this weekend good luck. Have great races lady!

Kris has been doing a lot of training lately including most week nights after I get home from work. I don’t know if he’s trying to make up for lost time when he had to take a couple weeks off for his surgery or what but he’s been going crazy lately. He might do a duathlon the first weekend in October in Osceola, Wisconsin. Maybe it’s time to set up another schedule (Tues, Thurs mine; Mon, Wed, Fri his?) so I can’t come up with more excuses? Even if I don’t have any races to officially train for? Time to go ponder…

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