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Getting my run on.

Fail, Fail, Fail

Well, this is new. I have been formally diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I didn’t fail the 1 hour test with my first two pregnancies but this one had to be different I guess. I’ll go in tomorrow or Wednesday to meet with a nutritional counselor and find out what I have to do. For sure there will be a new diet to follow. And probably multiple finger pokes a day to check blood sugars. I’ll probably be told to exercise (at least walking). I’ve already got a coworker/friend offering to do laps in our large building during the day with me. I can do that at least until the sidewalks around my house aren’t covered with 4 feet of snow because, well, I don’t want to walk in the street.

After that though I’m not sure. Hopefully I don’t have to do insulin injections. And hopefully this is the only hiccup in my otherwise complication free pregnancy.

Anyone have any diet/exercise tips for this new gestationally diabetic person over here?

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