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Getting my run on.

Fracking Media!

Anyone else notice how celebrities tend to lose all their baby weight in just a few months time? Heidi Klum had a baby last August and by December she was back to her supermodel frame again. (And I think she looks healthy, not stick thin like some others. *cough* Gisele *cough*) I usually give them a pass because it’s part of their job to look good and I’m sure they feel enormous pressure to get back there. And they have the money to spend on trainers and nutritionists that a lot of “regular folk” don’t.

Kourtney Kardashian had a baby recently and she was put on a magazine cover just a couple weeks afterwards looking really good! I didn’t think much of it until I saw the original picture side by side with the altered, cover picture here at Bounce Back. Now that is just plain ridiculous and insulting! First of all Kourtney was not model thin to begin with. She had great womanly curves that she was proud of. That we should all be proud of. And for the magazine to chop all those off, to even photoshop the baby himself(!) is just wrong, so very, very wrong. I’m glad I don’t buy any of those magazines. At least I’m not helping their bottom line.

If you want to see true pictures of mothers: while pregnant, after the birth, after living, then go visit Shape of a Mother and skip all those gossip rags. Maybe if more people did we could embrace what our bodies really look like, stretch marks, and all. It is my goal after the birth of my baby to lose my baby weight in a healthy way and in a reasonable timeframe, to reach my goal weight of 145 (or less), to stay healthy through healthy diet and exercise and to enjoy my life with my husband and children. I will wear a bikini even though my stomach is covered in stretch marks and I will not feel ashamed. This is my body. It has done amazing things and I am proud of it.

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