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Getting my run on.

+1 Pound

I did manage to gain 1 pound at my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. That was one pound since my appointment two weeks before that where I was down one pound from my appointment two weeks before that. Essentially I’ve maintained my weight from four weeks ago. Sigh.

My doctor was unconcerned though. She said it would be fine if I didn’t gain another pound from here until the baby is born. But I can’t lose any weight either. I’ve gained roughly 26 pounds now which is within the recommended weight gain range (25-35) for a full term pregnancy.

So that is my goal – don’t lose any weight. I will continue to eat my normal diet, add in some extra calories where I can, and I should be able to maintain my weight or maybe add a couple pounds here in the last 6 weeks or so until my due date.

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  1. by Sara, on March 21 2010 @ 4:02 pm


    Hi Kristina! I’m glad to hear the weight gain seems on target again. I remember actually losing weight between 36 and 38 weeks with Ada (she was born at 38 weeks), and the midwife said that was normal for the last month. Sounds like you are right on track! Good luck, and I can’t wait to find out that little boy’s name, especially after reading about the middle name controversy on your family site.

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