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Getting my run on.


I’ve decided April is my month. My month to start exercising again. I know that I won’t get my six week postpartum clearance until late May or June. But I also wouldn’t mind helping to get labor started in April with a walk or ten. I’m not due until April 27th and if my past two pregnancies are any indication I’ll be induced on or shortly after my due date.

My exercise won’t be strenuous. Hell, I’m so tired and sore by the end of the day that any exercise at all will be amazing. But it’s getting nice out and by April 1st I’ll be 36.5 weeks so going into labor wouldn’t be so bad! The kids would love it if every evening when I got home from work I asked if they wanted to go outside and go for a walk. So, low impact exercise like walking is where you’ll find me in April.

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