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Getting my run on.

Hmm, have you seen this CNN report about how insurance companies hold billions of dollars worth of stock in fast food companies?

I’m not sure what to make of this. You would think insurance companies would want to support companies that are championing healthy lives (stock in Nike or Garmin for example) but on the other hand they also are a business that needs to make money and if people are going to be eating fast food and that’s where the money is then why shouldn’t they invest there?

Two quotes from the article that I like are:

The researchers say insurance companies should sell their fast-food stock or use their influence as shareholders to make fast food healthier, by pressuring big restaurant chains to cut portion sizes or improve nutrition, for instance.


“They are essentially killing off their consumer base, so it’s not a sustainable model in the long-term. Long-term goals should be consistent with health, because that ensures a large population from which to draw consumers.”

It’s an interesting article at least. What are your thoughts?

What do you think?

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  1. by Michelle, on April 19 2010 @ 9:26 am


    Insurance companies could give a rats ass what they’re supporting as long as it’s making them money. They have no financial incentive to try to change the business model of the businesses they support. Their money would be better spent trying to educate their clients to make smart choices, then if the fast food businesses started to make smaller margins the insurance companies would divest and invest in the companies that started growing in healthier sectors.

    And I don’t necessarily think that they’re killing off their client base. Even if they got people to cut out all fast food, smoking and alcohol we’d find new ways of needing care. People will always have diseases. The diseases may change from obesity driven issues to other environmental or genetic issues. Especially as the population ages (both with the boomers and with the increase to life span) demand for health care will grow.

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