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Getting my run on.

No Baby Yet

I agree with Michelle’s comment (the rat’s ass part).  Wouldn’t it be nice if they did care though?  Liberal hippie optimism coming through again!

Anyway, no, I have not had this baby yet.  I’m due on Tuesday and it’s my goal to have it before then.  I really have no say in if I will meet that goal or not of course but I’m doing what I can.  I walked about 1.5 miles total yesterday broken up in 1/4 and 1/2 mile chunks.  And after a 1/2 mile walk last night the kids and I played at a nearby park for 1/2 hour or so.  And there wasn’t any rest for me at the park either.  I had to help James across the monkey bars, spot him as he scaled tall climbing apparatus and help Annika cross some taller sliding structures.  Did it help anything?  Who knows!

Today I’ve already done a 1/4 mile walking loop here at work and plan on doing that several more times today.  I’ve also broken out the raspberry tea and will be drinking as much of that as I can stomach today.  I wonder what that will do to my blood sugars?  Eh, whatever.  This kid is big and he’s only going to get bigger and one day of potentially spiking them isn’t going to make that much difference.  If the weather is nice enough tonight I plan on taking the kids for an even longer walk to a park about 3/4 mile away from our house.  Maybe a longer walk is what I need.  James will have to be in the wagon for that one (pulled by Kris, not me!) as he was already getting tired by the time our 1/2 mile walk and park play time was over last night.  He made it home without me having to carry him (yeah, like that was going to happen!) but a walk to the park farther away might do him in.

C’mon baby!  Get out!

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