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Getting my run on.

Levi Axel

Radio silence there on this little ol’ blog.  That’s because I went and had a baby!  Levi Axel was born 4/28/10.  And already I’m critiquing my body and wondering what I weigh and being a bit obsessive.  Yes, I still look pregnant.  Of course I do.  I had a baby only 5 days ago!  I need to give myself a break.  At least for a little while. (I haven’t weighed myself either.  No need to start that crazy train yet.)

But there are things that I do need to do.  Like lay off the sweets.  Holy crap.  A whole bag of Peanut Butter M&M’s gone in three days?  A little excessive, no?

So, while I’m on limited activity restrictions, I’m going to focus first on nutrition.  Eat healthy meals.  Have healthy snacks.  Eat desserts or sweets but sparingly.  No counting calories.  No getting crazy obsessive, just try to make better choices.  I deserve it and so does Levi.

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  1. by Sara, on May 6 2010 @ 2:44 pm


    When I was in the hospital, 1 day after having Ada, one of my very closest friends came to see us. He immediately walked in, felt my stomach and said, “I thought your stomach would be flat already, it still looks like you’re pregnant.” I almost punched him.

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