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Getting my run on.

Starting Weight

I’ve weighed myself a few times in the last week.  I wanted to see where I was.  And right now, as of this morning, I’m at 166.4.  That’s just about where my starting weight was last year when I started losing weight.  I’m pretty much going to have to start back at square one to get back down to the mid 140′s.  Ugh.  But, some of that is still pregnancy weight.  I’m only two weeks out from having a baby and my stomach still has some deflating to do.  And my breasts are obviously a bit bigger/heavier with the addition of milk.  So, it’s not like I’m actually back at the starting line.  I should lose a few pounds yet just in post-pregnancy shrinking.  No freaking out over here.  I’m actually pretty proud of my body.  Other than a pouchy tummy, I think I look pretty good.

And I tried on my former “fat pants,” a pair of size 14 Gap jeans. I had to retire these last summer because they got just too big to wear.  But I kept them in my closet anyway.  Anyway, I can get them on and buttoned with relative ease.  Go me!  Unfortunately, there is too much muffin top to wear them in public.  It’s still maternity pants for that.  But in a week or so I should be able to wear regular pants again.  Yay!

And I’m starting to feel better “down there” as well.  Standing for too long still leads to achiness but that’s getting better too.  In a week or so I should be able to start taking some walks around the neighborhood.  Hopefully the weather will be back up to the 60′s again by then so I can bring the baby with me on those walks.  It’s so cold and rainy out this week!

Anyway, everything is going well over here.  I’m feeling good.  The baby is doing well.  We’re finding our new normal.

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