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Getting my run on.

Good-bye Maternity Clothes and Hello Bod Pod?

Levi is four weeks old today.  And yesterday I started packing up all the maternity clothes.  I had boxes lined up on the bed and I began sorting between all my borrowed clothes (thank you Pam, Amanda, Laura and Carrie!).  There’s still a few items in the laundry so I can call myself officially “free” of maternity clothes yet.  And I’m not really back into my regular clothes yet either.  I have a couple items I can wear but most of it is still too tight.  Starting Friday though (the next couple days have plans) I’m going to start walking.  I’m feeling perfectly normal physically so I don’t think some light impact walking is a big no-no.  I’ll lay off the running and biking until I get the doctor OK.

Bod Pod.  Ever heard of it?  There’s one at Kris’s college and they’re open to measuring the general public with the device.  What is it?  “It’s a high-tech apparatus that provides fast, safe and accurate measurements of body composition, detailing fat and lean body mass.  It provides useful information for measuring the effectiveness of exercise and nutrition, fine-tuning top athletic performance, and tracking the progress of obesity and disease.”  I’m going to contact them to see if I can get measured.  Maybe it will tell me what my ideal body weight is so I have a true goal weight to strive for.

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