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Getting my run on.

I’ve been exercising, but not every day.  Every other or every third is more like it.  A run here, a bike ride there.  I don’t know that I’m putting out my best effort, but I’m trying to at least be out there doing it.  I feel more tired than anything.  Today my legs and butt are sore and tired though, probably from the bike ride yesterday or from the landscaping I was doing yesterday evening.  Either way I like the soreness.  The whole body tiredness?  Not as much.  While I wouldn’t wish away the newborn days for ANYTHING, I do wish Levi would stretch out his nighttime wakings a bit.  Last night I saw numbers on the clock that started with 1, 2, 3 and 5.  And that was after I went to bed at 11pm.  I guess number one is I should go to bed earlier.  I’ll do that tonight.

Along the increase in exercising I’ve also been weighing myself daily again and for about a week now I’ve been writing down what I eat in an eating log.  The weight is a motivator, especially since it’s been going up recently (highest number was yesterday at 168.6 but then today it was back down to 167.2).  Why?  Is it the crap food I’ve been eating (hello sweet cookies!)?  Is it the increase in exercise?  The lack of good sleep?  A combination?  Whatever, I don’t like it so first up I’m going to watch a little better what I’m eating.  I’m not ready to count calories yet but that would be the next step if the eating log doesn’t sort me out a little bit.  A good thing about the eating log is it’s a shared google doc with a few friends.  Nothing like some good “public” shaming to help you watch what you eat!  Don’t want to admit to others what you’re eating?  Don’t eat it!  And it’s not like my friends are being critical of what I eat, even though there is a spot for them to write comments.  It’s more that I don’t want to embarrass myself (too badly) by having to write down really awful things.  It’s helping a little bit at least.  Like, I make sure I get some veggies everyday so I can at least write that down on the eating log even if it is next to “tortilla chips with salsa.”

Anyway, that’s where I’m at.  Going up in weight, increasing my exercise and writing down my food intake.  Hopefully those last two will combat that ugly first one.

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