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Getting my run on.

Night 2

So far, this accountability thing is working.  I know it’s still new.  The novelty is bound to wear off.  But whatever.  Maybe by then it will be a habit, ya know?  Anyway, night 2 is complete.  I was on the elliptical again, this time for 35 minutes.    It’s something at least.  And I had company this time!  Kris was down there playing Wii and James was watching him as was I.  That made the time go much faster!

So, have you heard of Zumba?  I received an e-mail tonight  from Annika’s dance studio saying they’re going to start offering Zumba classes for adults two nights a week and Saturday afternoons.  I’d never heard of it so of course I had to go to YouTube!  Go take a look.  It looks fun although I have little rhythm.  Maybe I should try this out in the privacy of my own home with some of those YouTube videos as my “instructor.”  Kris said it looks like “group clubbing.”  You know, without the sweaty, gross, drunk men hitting on you and stuff.  Ha!

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