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Getting my run on.


Fail!  I did not get a workout in this weekend.  We were busy!  OK, that could be said for Saturday.  Kris had to work in the morning and then in the afternoon he and I went on a date (our first since Levi was born) and went to the Gopher – USC football game.  It was a wonderful afternoon together, complete with hand holding!  And when we went to go pick up the kids we stuck around for a couple hours visiting with Nana and her friends.  We didn’t get home until almost 10pm and by that time I was not going to get a workout in.  And yesterday was, well, just lazy.  We had church and a visit from my dad but after that it was simply family time watching football, playing with the kids and spending time together.  I could have got a workout in yesterday but I didn’t.  That was completely my fault.  Please don’t throw stones!  I’ll get in a workout tomorrow night.  I promise!

Did you know that September 2010 is the first ever National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month?  I didn’t until today.  It’s sad we have to have a whole month dedicated to this.  Our country is so out of control as a whole that this generation of kids could be the first to have an expected life span that is shorter than their parents?  We’re literally killing our kids.  Disgraceful.  Kris and I try to eat healthy foods, have vegetables and fruit daily, exercise often and tell our kids exactly why we’re exercising (to keep us healthy – it doesn’t have anything to do with vanity – no talk of being fat or not fat, no talk of sizes, it’s all about the health aspect).

MacDaddy had a good post today about this topic which is what brought this to my attention.  I don’t know that we’ll take advantage of the 24 Hour Fitness offer he mentions at the end of his post but Kris and I will for sure keep doing the things we’re already doing while also encouraging our kids to exercise (via kids fun runs, outdoor play, etc.) and continually improving the quality of our foods (organic, grass fed beef, pasture raised pork and chicken, locally grown produce, whole wheat pastas, etc.).

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