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Getting my run on.

I Almost Did

I almost worked out last night.  That’s not quite the same as actually working out though is it?  You guys.  I was so tired yesterday.  And even though I went to bed at a reasonable time, I’m equally as tired today.  Levi is almost five months old and on a good night he still gets up twice to eat.   On a bad night (like all of last week when he had a cold and couldn’t breathe through his nose), he’s up 4-6 times (not to eat, just to get replugged with his pacifier).  I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in almost five months.  It’s catching up to me.  When I was on maternity leave I could sleep in late or take a nap and be human again.  Back at work = no more naps and now that I’m two months back at work it is definitely catching up to me.  I AM SO TIRED.  Even worse is the last two nights I’ve taken it out on the kids and snapped and yelled at them at bed time.  I just want them in bed, sleeping, so I can finally have some down time.  Of course then I just feel awful when they are in bed because of how I treated them.

Anyway, how did I almost work out last night?  I got the kids in bed, put on my work out clothes, grabbed a water bottle and went to the basement.  I turned on the elliptical and the TV (no cable box downstairs so it’s either Netflix streaming on the Wii or DVDs down there).  I went to turn on the DVD player so I could continue to watch a movie I started during a workout last week.  Except the DVD player would not turn on.  I checked that it was plugged in to the outlet strip like the TV, Wii, Stereo and Elliptical is.  It was.  And that is where my resolve gave out.  Instead of figuring out what was wrong, I went upstairs, took off my shoes, laid down on the couch and watched the season premiere of Glee.  When that was over I went upstairs and went to bed.  At 9:45pm. (BTW, Kris went down there and played with it and ended up plugging it in to a different port on the outlet strip and it was working again.  It took him approximately 90 seconds to fix.  I didn’t even have the mental fortitude to do that much troubleshooting.  I was just completely shot.)

I plan to work out tonight and tomorrow night to get my two in for this week.  I also plan to sleep in a little bit tomorrow morning as I’m working from home in the morning so I don’t have to get up as early.  And this weekend, with not much planned, I will get a nap or two in.  I have to catch up on some sleep.  I’m so emotional (crying at the drop of a hat), crabby and depressed that I’m failing right now as a mother, an athlete (*snort*) and most certainly as a wife.  My poor, deeply neglected husband.  Sigh.

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