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Getting my run on.

Week 1 Check-In

We’re about a week and a half into the Black Friday Challenge.  Time to check in!

Working out:  On track!  I got in three last week and I plan to get in three work outs this week.  They’ve all been elliptical work outs so far so I’m hoping to bring my bike in from the garage so I can get to some spinning too.

Weight:  161.2.  Yeah.  I’ve gained 0.6 pounds.  Suck!  I’ve made some less than stellar choices this week so I know I can do better there.  I’ve been better about the no eating after 7pm rule though.  If I can make better choices between 7am and 7pm then I know I can lose the four (0.6) pounds that I want to for this challenge.  Maybe I’ll start a little eating log for myself so I can remember what I’ve all stuffed my face with on any given day.

How about you?  Are you meeting your goals?

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