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Getting my run on.

I’ve fallen…into a bucket of Halloween candy.  And I can’t seem to extricate myself from it.  Feeling a pang of hunger?  Stuff face with “fun” size Snickers.  Annoyed with husband?  Feed feelings with Butterfinger.  Bored and don’t want to do chores?  Waste time by eating Kit Kat, M&M’s or Reese’s PB Cup.

I also skipped my Saturday workout, only getting in two workouts last week.  Granted those two workouts totaled 115 minutes in total which isn’t too bad but still – not good enough.

My weight on Saturday morning was 159.6.  That’s one pound less than at the start of the challenge but it’s still 3 pounds from my challenge goal.  And I now have less than two weeks until the challenge ends.

I need to stop the candy eating, start the exercising again and just generally kick my ass back into gear.  Help?  Please?

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  1. by Mark, on November 8 2010 @ 9:12 pm


    I would say send the candy away. Give it to Kris to take to work or something just so you’re not tempted by it anymore.

    I need to figure out something to stop myself from snacking on chips and pop at night because I did get all my workouts in and showed no progress on the scale at all. :-(

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