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Getting my run on.

I Am Not In Control

of my weight.  I just have to realize that.  I’ve done pretty well this last week.  Yes, there was some Halloween candy but I got in my work outs and ate pretty well.  On Saturday the scale said 160.0.  I may have to go back to counting calories, making sure I get enough since I’m still nursing, because this eating pretty good and getting my workouts in is not doing the job right now.  I’m not going to make my Black Friday weight goal.  I’m confident I’ll get all my workouts in this week so that I’ll only have missed one this whole time.  I’m hoping I can count that as success and still get my reward.  Pam?  Mark?  What do you think?

Either a food log or back to calorie counting.  I’m going to have to do that if I want to drop pounds.  Maybe I’m eating more than I think I am?


  1. by Pam, on November 15 2010 @ 1:14 pm


    Counting calories sucks. I hate it. But, for me, its a necessary evil. I can’t estimate worth a crap.

    As far as the Black Friday reward goes, I’d say if you met all your requirements (weight loss aside) for the reward, you should still get it. Maybe try to get in one extra workout this week to make up for the missed one?

    Weight loss is really just feedback. Sometimes I hate using weight loss as a goal. The goal is a healthy lifestyle. There have been times when I’ve followed all my rules and not lost the weight, and conversely, I’ve also not followed all my rules but still lost weight.

  2. by Mark, on November 16 2010 @ 12:21 am


    I agree with Pam. Healthy lifestyle is the goal and you should cut yourself a little slack, especially since you’re still nursing.

    So go for that extra workout and then reward yourself for getting all those in. That’s likely what I’m going to end up doing since I don’t know if I’m going to hit my target weight by Black Friday, either. Or I may hold off on my reward until I do, partly because it’ll be kind of expensive and I may need to wait until I get some Christmas $ before I can splurge on it. :-)

  3. by Amanda, on November 18 2010 @ 10:02 am


    I know I’m not part of the challenge, but I totally agree with both Mark and Pam. If you are doing what you set out to do but the weight is not reflecting it, you have still succeeded. Getting off of one’s ass is the hardest part and you are definitely doing that. I know I eat more than I think I do. Calories or weighing food are the necessary evils in a weight loss journey. Keep up the good work!

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