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Getting my run on.

Ugly Shoes

I just bought the most hideous $120 pair of shoes ever. However, they feel awesome on my feet and I can’t wait to test them out on the road tomorrow morning. They are ASICS Gel-Nimbus 10 in Petal Pink. The pink is hideous. I don’t care though. I tried on Nike’s and Adidas and these were by far the most comfortable. They fit my (relatively high) arch comfortably unlike the Nike’s and my heel didn’t feel like it was slipping around like in the Adidas’. I went to Marathon Sports in Minneapolis and the sales lady (obviously a runner herself) watched me walk. Apparently I superpronate and when I told her about my knee problems she went straight for the “comfort” line of shoes. I have to say that the Nimbus 10 shoes are super comfortable. And so, so much more cushion than my current shoes. Wish me luck tomorrow morning!

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  1. by aj, on August 19 2008 @ 9:24 pm


    I LOVE ASICS. its all i run in. high fives!

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