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Getting my run on.

Multisport website found!

In my search for duathlons last night I found Midwest Multisport.  So far only 2008 races are listed but I’m sure this will be updated for 2009 before too long.  I’m thinking the Gear West Duathlon, usually held in May, might be my race!  The distances aren’t too long I don’t think and it’s fairly close to home.  It’s in the right price range and I might even be able to talk Kris into doing it with me!  How fun would that be!  Anyway, Pam or others, if you’re interested in this race, let me know!  We can keep an eye out for registration deadlines together!

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  1. by Pam, on November 14 2008 @ 10:35 am


    I would definitely be up for a duathlon!

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