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Getting my run on.

My trainer fantasy

Often, I fantasize about having a personal trainer.  I really, really, really want someone to kick my butt.  I’m a big fan of The Biggest Loser and would LOVE to have Bob or Jillian (really Jillian) whip me into shape.  I let myself get away with too much.  I make excuses to not exercise (I’m tired!  I went to bed late!  The kids (or Kris) woke me up too much last night!).  I don’t push myself very hard while I am exercising.  Training for a run?  I focus on getting miles in but not on improving speed by doing fartlicks or sprints.  I know a well balanced fitness routine should include weights.  I now have weights in my basement.  I have yet to lift weights.  See? I need a trainer!  But.  We are focused on getting out of debt right now.  I have curbed my CAbi clothing addiction.  I have cut back on new shoes, eating out, a lot of “extras” right now.  And it’s working.  We’re making great progress.  And until we’re debt free, there is no money in the budget for things like gym memberships or personal training fees.  Especially not when I have all the tools I need right in my home (elliptical, Trek road bike, weight bench, yoga DVDs, etc.).  I need help.  What are your tips or tricks for getting your exercise in?  For staying on your eating plan?  For kicking your own butt?

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  1. by Robyn, on November 17 2008 @ 9:59 am


    #1 tool: daily weight checks. When I know how much I weight (or, more precisely, when I know if and how much I’ve gained or lost) I always make better choices. I have more motivation to eat right and to keep making it to the gym.

    Beyond that, I’ve noticed that keeping a book set to only use while on the treadmill or the eliptical helps with motivation. I want to read the story but to do so, I must use the machine.

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