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Thursday, August 31, 2006
Blech. That's how Annika and I feel right now. I've got a flu bug of some sort, think full on body ache and a tight chest with a cough. Annika though seems to be much worse. It started Tuesday when she was extra clingy and whiny with Kris all day. I gave her some Tylenol when I got home from work because we were thinking maybe she was teething (2 year molars?). She was chewing on her fingers all day. Well that night she developed a terrible cough and yesterday morning she had a fever. We knew she had a fever but we weren't sure how high because Annika wouldn't let us get a good reading. I may have to invest in one of those ear thermometers that takes only a second. Anyway, we went to the doctor yesterday morning and Annika was pronounced good and sick with pneumonia in her left lung, an ear infection in her right ear (We couldn't see in her left ear because of wax. He offered to remove the wax and take a look but Annika was freaking out enough already that I declined. He said his course of treatment wouldn't change either way.) and croup. And the croup was apparently pretty bad already because she was having symptoms right there during the day when croup is predominantly bad at night. So, to avoid another trip to the ER, and this time with a child who is having difficulty breathing (a nightmare I do not want to live), he gave her a steroid shot. Hopefully the steroid shot will help her recover from the croup faster. Since croup is viral, there is not much else they can do. For the pneumonia and ear infection she was put on her first dose of antibiotics, Amoxycillin. She felt terrible all day yesterday. She was lethargic and spent most of the day on my lap or Kris's, all curled up. That is so unlike her it was scary. She and I slept on the couch last night so I could keep an eye on her. That's what the literature recommended that the doctor gave me - to sleep in the same room as the child in case they get into trouble breathing. She had a couple episodes of bad coughing but otherwise was just really restless. I'm hoping she gets over this quickly because I hate seeing her so miserable. And to make things worse she is refusing to take any of her medicine. We are giving her tylenol for her fever (it was 101.5 at the doctor) and her antibiotics and she fights both with everything she can. We've talked sweetly, we've bribed with ice cream, trips outside, drinks of pop, etc. I've resorted to pinning her down but then she just spits it out. This girl can be a pill when she wants to. Ugh. We'll keep pushing them down in her though. Oh, and one last whine from me. It is not fun taking care of a sick child when you yourself feel like utter crap. Blech again.

Posted by Kristina at 8/31/2006 07:46:00 AM

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Monday, August 28, 2006
Kris has taught Annika how to do push-ups. Most days Kris does push-ups and crunches at home and of course, Annika wants to help. She sits on his stomach for crunches and lays down on his back for push-ups. Now, for the first couple push-ups she lays down on the floor next to him with her hands next to her chest and her elbows up in the air. Kris says up and Annika pushes herself up until she's on her tip-toes and then he says down and she lowers herself to the ground. She repeats this a couple times and when Kris says "Good job Annika!" she knows that's her cue and she can now scramble up on Daddy's back. It is so cute and she is so proud of herself.

Saturday night Annika got a hold of Kris's cell phone and like the lazy parents we are, we didn't take it away from her immediately. She was in the living room with us so we just watched her play with it. It wasn't until I heard a voice coming from the phone that I realized she had called someone! She had called Nana and Papa's house! I think we'll have to be more careful with the phones. We don't need her accidentally calling 911 or something.

I've been feeling the baby move every day now. It's mostly little flutters but every once in a while, I'll feel an actual kick. So cool! I just love it!

Yesterday we went to the state fair, a first for Annika. I think she had a good time and she was very well behaved. She didn't have a nap the whole day (well, until the car ride home, of course) and she only had two little tantrums. There must have been enough stimulation to keep her entertained. She saw the cows, horses, pigs, goats and fish. And when I asked her about what she saw yesterday she named the cows, horses and pigs again so they must have made an impression. And man did that girl eat yesterday! Every time I turned around someone was feeding her something! And she kept eating and eating and eating! And then she ate an entire piece of pizza last night too and then pie and ice cream for dessert! As Papa remarked yseterday, she must have a super high metabolism right now because she is a skinny little girl and yet she can really pack away the food! I have a bunch of fair pictures that I'll try to upload this week. We brought the wagon with for Annika to ride in and it worked out really well. There was extra room for us to store stuff and I think it worked better than either of our strollers would have. Our jogging stroller doesn't turn very well (it's front wheel doesn't pivot so you have to tip the stroller back a bit to turn it) and the umbrella stroller is so short that you have to hunch over to push it. A whole day of that would have been terrible. Thank goodness for the wagon! Speaking of strollers, I think we need to get a double stroller. Annika will be too little to walk everywhere when this baby is born. Of the choices I've seen so far, Kris and I definitely want a front-back double stroller and not a side-side one. We saw a couple at the fair that instead of a full second seat in back, it has a little platform for the older child to stand on and a small seat for them to sit on. A stroller similar to this one. Does anyone out there who might be reading this have experience with this kind of stroller? What did you think?

Posted by Kristina at 8/28/2006 08:58:00 AM

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
I'm back from my 15 week appointment. It was very quick and all is well. The baby's heartbeat was easy to find and was swooshing away at 156bpm. Incidentally, that was exactly what Annika's was too. I've gained about 3 pounds total so far. I've gained about seven pounds since my last appointment but since I was down 4 at that time from all the sickness, it's a net gain of around 3. My blood pressure was very good - 95/56 or something like that. That's really low, even for me. It's usually in the 110's/70s. And that was about it! I go back in 4 weeks - September 20th at 9am - for the big ultrasound. We're hoping to find out the baby's gender then. And I go back 1 week after that for the ultrasound report and 20 week appointment. At that time this pregnancy will be half over already! Time sure is flying!

Posted by Kristina at 8/23/2006 09:26:00 AM

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Monday, August 21, 2006
You know it's been too long between updates when your husband tells you that you need to post. Whoops. Sorry about that. Hey - at least he reads this blog, right? And there's so much to tell you all about too!

Friday I took the day off work and we had a Family Fun Day. After a lazy morning (I LOVE not being rushed!) we headed to lunch (yummy Famous Dave's!) and then to the Minnesota Zoo for the afternoon. I was a little nervous how it would go since we didn't get there until noon and 1-1:30 is usually Annika's nap time. However, she was great and we were able to see the whole zoo in 3 hours! I asked Annika that night what animals she saw that day and she first said monkeys. When I asked her again, she said the licking giraffe. The giraffe had "encounter time" when we were by the exhibit so people could buy some food and feed him. Annika thought it was great seeing the big animal licking food out of the people's hand. So now he is known as the "licking giraffe." I asked her repeatedly what animals she saw that day and she remembered the horses, goats, rabbit, cows and fish. I guess those are the ones she liked the best. Goofy girl also insisted on walking most of the zoo too. She didn't want to sit in her stroller too often, choosing instead to run everywhere. Kris usually walked ahead of us and then Annika would run from me to him. She did spend some time on his shoulders but more often than not, she was walking/running everywhere. It was a great afternoon. The weather was perfect and the zoo was busy but not crowded. We even ran into Natashya (Kris's cousin) and Josh with Jack, Emma and Peter (Kris' cousin Christina's kids)! What a small world! Annika was so worn out by the end of the afternoon that she slept the whole way home and then another 3 hours at home! She didn't wake up until after 6pm! She also then didn't go to bed until after 10pm that night.

With such a late night, Annika slept in about an hour later than usual Saturday morning. We spent most of Saturday shopping. Kris needed shorts. I found some play clothes for Annika for this fall. (For those of you wondering what size she is right now, she's 27 pounds and 34.5 inches. This puts her in the upper range of the 2T clothing. I've been buying her some 2Ts and some 3Ts for this fall/winter. She is a shoe size 6 for this fall.) And we had a bunch of gifts to buy too. It was an expensive weekend! And Saturday afternoon we dropped Annika off at Gramme's house for her first sleepover (Kris and I have a party to go to and Gramme suggested Annika just stay the night - after I panicked, I agreed to it). Though it was weird for me to pack an overnight bag for her and drop her off knowing I wouldn't be back until the next morning, it went okay. I missed her like crazy, didn't sleep well (partly from worrying about her and partly from habit, I think) and didn't much like waking up to an empty, quiet house. I think we were both ready though. (Kris was defnitely ready - he of course missed her too - but liked the quality time with the wife too.) Annika only asked for us once (Saturday night - probably when she was getting sleepy). She didn't sleep very well either, ending up in bed with Gramme and going to bed late and waking up early. And when she saw us drive up to the house Sunday morning, she had the biggest grin on her face I've ever seen and ran as fast as her little legs would carry her into my waiting arms where she received a huge, gigantic hug. And then I felt much, much better. I had my baby back. And now I don't have to do that again until, oh let's say, FEBRUARY! :) Annika did have fun though. Gramme has a little dog, Reba, that Annika just adores. And Reba is such a good little dog and plays so nicely with Annika. I'm sure it helps that Annika enjoys bringing Reba pieces of dog food and feeding them to her. And that she likes puppy kisses too. Gramme called last night to say that Reba missed Annika. Reba barked at the spare bedroom that Annika stayed in and when Gramme let Reba in the room, Reba looked all over for Annika. Gramme and Papa Merv had to keep telling Reba that the little girl was gone. Too cute. Gramme said she's ready for another overnight stay any time. Yikes.

Yesterday was another party, this time for Acer's 5th birthday. It was at a gymastics gym and there was lots of fun things for the kids to do, including Annika! They played on the floor exercise mat (and boy is that bouncy!), the trampolines and lots of other apparatus. Annika just ran around most of the time like a girl possessed. And she loved jumping on the trampolines. The rule is one person on a trampoline at a time and with 5 other little kids there and 2 trampolines, we all had to take turns. Annika was so good about that. She would sit on my lap or stand next to it and say "Nika turn" or "My turn" and we would tell her that she had to wait until whoever was on it was done. Not once did she throw a fit or get whiny, she just waited her turn and then jumped on herself to bounce, bounce, bounce. The gymnastics coach in charge remarked how well Annika jumped and ran and what good balance she had. He asked how old she is and I said she was almost two. Then he was even more impressed with her. I was planning on enrolling her in a gymnastics class this fall (a toddler/parent class) and now I think I'll do it for sure. Annika had a great time and apparently, she has the talent too. It is always so nice to hear others comment on your child's abilities. It makes me so proud even though I have no influence on it.

Last week found me officially in the second trimester (14 weeks). Wednesday is my 2nd prenatal appointment at exactly 15 weeks. I've been feeling remarkably better lately. I don't even have to eat every couple hours to keep the nausea at bay anymore. I think I've officially crossed that hurdle. I'm still craving sugar like mad and am still a little more tired than usual but otherwise I'm feeling great. My doctor appointment this Wednesday is at 8:30am. I'm hoping Kris and Annika will come with. I'd really like Kris to be able to hear the heartbeat too. And I'll be sure to come home and post as quickly as possible how it all went. Oh, and I think I felt the baby move last night. It was around 3:30am and I was laying awake in bed when all of a sudden I felt a "bump" in my lower abdomen. It was right where my uterus should be. I love that feeling of a baby moving inside me and can't wait until it's an every day (every hour) occurrence again.

OK, I think we're caught up now. I'm going to go find a gym and you all have a great day.

Posted by Kristina at 8/21/2006 09:12:00 AM

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Monday, August 14, 2006
It has been an interesting evening. Annika and I just got back from the emergency room. I am fine. Annika is fine. Everybody is fine. But, as the triage nurse explained to me, all foreign bodies must be seen by the emergency department as opposed to Urgent Care, even small rocks stuck in tiny little noses, apparently. Yep, Annika had a rock stuck in her nose. I tried with tweezers but couldn't get it out myself so off to the emergency room we went. How did the rock get there? Well, neither Kris nor I are sure. Kris and Annika were out car shopping today with Papa and Kris said he noticed Annika sneezing and playing with her nose but didn't think much of it. And when I got home from work, Annika was still napping so I laid down with her. I noticed her breathing through her mouth which is unusal for her but she was laying on her back so I didn't think much of it. After she woke up (and oddly enough, after Sesame Street was over) she said "Nose?" I looked at it and sure enough, there was a rock in there! As for the "rockectomy" as the doctor referred to it, it wasn't too bad. Annika was definitely not having a good time (there was crying and thrashing and me forcefully pinning her down) but she wasn't hurting either. First the doctor tried alligator forceps but couldn't get around the sides of the rock to pull it out. He left and came back in with what looked like a long, narrow tube with a syringe on the end. He stuck the tube up Annika's nose, alongside the rock, plunged on the syringe and out came the rock! Turns out there is a small balloon on the end of the tube and the syringe blows it up and easy-peasy, out comes the rock. After the rock was out, he needed to check both nostrils and ears to make sure there weren't any more hidden treasures. As soon as he approached Annika again she burst into tears and tried to get away, poor girl. But when he didn't try to stick anything up her nose, she was fine and let him look in her ears and such. Let's hope we don't have any more foreign objects in any orifices again. Although, to be honest, we've gotten pretty lucky with Annika. She's never really been sick (the occasional cold but no fevers and nothing requiring medication) and she's never been injured. This was our first trip to the ER and she's almost two years old. I think we're doing okay so far. Although, I don't know about Daddy and Papa and their parenting/babysitting any more! Just kidding!

Please say a prayer for Marcia and Grandpa Dan. Marcia lost her father yesterday. He was a great man and he is surely missed already. I think the memorial service is going to be Thursday night. Please keep Marcia and her family in your thoughts and prayers this week.

Posted by Kristina at 8/14/2006 08:43:00 PM

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Last night Annika and I went to the playground across the street from our house. Did you hear that? Across the street! As in they finished the "tot lot" they promised would be put in and now we only have to walk across the street to go play on the playground! It's pretty small with only 1 slide, a couple climbing walls and some monkey bars. There are no swings or anything. However, Annika had a good time. She went down the slide a couple times on her but and then she went down on her belly, feet first. the slide is pretty fast (it's a nice smooth plastic) and I thought she was going to get hurt when she went sailing off the end of the slide. I thought she was either going to hit her head on the slide or hurt her stomach by landing on it. Well, she didn't hit her head and she bounced right back up after landing on her stomach so I guess she was okay. The last time she went down, she did so without shoes on. Before, her shoes were slowing her down but this time, without shoes, she went flying right off the bottom again. She landed on her feet, amazingly but then stumbled forward and eventually fell to her knees. It was a pretty wild ride for such a little girl!

Annika knows our workday routine pretty well. (She is after all THE SMARTEST GIRL ALIVE!) Each afternoon as Kris is getting ready to leave for work, Annika starts repeatedly saying "Bye Daddy, Bye Daddy!" over and over again - as he's changing clothes, putting on his shoes, gathering food for dinner, etc. Kris always jokes that she's trying to kick him out but I don't think that's it at all. She repeatedly asks for him throughout the evening. Last night she said "Daddy?" I asked her where Daddy was and she said "Work" with a hint of sadness to her voice. Wouldn't it be awesome if we won the lottery (somebody said you have to play it though to win - how rude!) so we could both stay home with our precious all the time!?!

Annika has a new favorite song. Each night during her bath we sing almost every song she knows (ABCs, hippo song, turtle song, Twinkle Twinkle). Last week I introduced her to Itsy Bitsy Spider, complete with hand motions. She asks me to sing that one minimum three times in a row during each bath now. And she's started doing the hand motions for it too. She's still so small that she can barely reach her fingers over her head and touch them together to do the sun motion. I think she likes it when I sing (poor girl - Mama can't sing at all!) because Sunday during church whenever we sang a song, Annika had to be held by me and she would lay her head down on my chest, snuggle in and listen to Mama sing. During bathtime though it's all smiles and giggles.

Annika is turning into quite the little manipulator. Last night she wanted to go out on the deck and was standing at the patio doors repeatedly asking. I told her she couldn't - the deck doesn't have railings yet and it isn't safe for her to be out there. I told her we could go out the front door and jump in her bounce house instead if she wanted. The bounce house was on the front lawn. She decided that was good enough and we headed out the front door. I turned the compressor on for the bounce house, she crawled inside, jumped three times and then scampered back out. And then she made a beeline for the back yard, where I followed her directly to the deck steps. I stopped her from going up and she was none too pleased with me. Yikes. I think we're in for it now.

She is still such a sweetie though. Last night as I put her to bed I told her I loved her and walked out of her room. As I was closing her door I heard her still saying "I love you puppy (her stuffed animal - my pound puppy from 20 years ago!), I love you bear, I love you mommy" etc.

You may have noticed that I'm venturing out of the house a bit more these days (the park yesterday, the mall on Sunday, Target last week). That means only 1 thing - I am on the upward swing of morning sickness. Today I didn't even have to have a snack between breakfast and lunch to keep the nausea at bay! Of course, I was hungry for lunch at 11am when I usually eat at 11:30 or noon but I can deal with that. It is very nice to feel like part of the world again instead of some sort of shut in. Of course with the amount of money I spent at Target last week and the mall this weekend (at least most of my purchases were gifts!) my checkbook is taking a beating.

Today for lunch I was walking across the street to the grocery store (I was craving a big salad from their salad bar) and passed the party supply store right before it. I stopped in quickly and guess what I found? Sesame Street themed birthday decorations! I was hoping to have Sesame Street be the theme for Annika's birthday this year (seeing as how she loves Elmo and Ernie and Big Bird and Cookie Monster and Grover and Zoe and and and...). I didn't buy the plates and cups and napkins, etc. today so I'll have to go back some time in the next few weeks. But still - Yay!

Posted by Kristina at 8/08/2006 01:29:00 PM

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Monday, August 07, 2006
This week I have 1 and only 1 goal. To purchase, craft and mail Annika's 2nd birthday party invitations. Her party is going to be Saturday, September 9th for those family members reading. It will probably be sometime in the afternoon 3-4pm I'm thinking so that Annika can still get a good nap in that day. I have an idea for her birthday invites and I'm excited to see if I can make it happen. I also need to make an appointment for earlier that week to get Annika's 2 year pictures taken. I'd like to have all the pictures back by the 9th so I can hand them out to people. I have two dresses for her pictures already. I'm hoping they turn out cute! (How could they not - have you seen my daughter - adorable!)

Saturday I was gone most of the day wedding dress shopping with Amanda (and Mary, Pam and Tiffany). I think Amanda has found her dress! She looks so amazing in it. It is totally her. We may have found a bridesmaid dress too that goes very nicely with it. Mary tried it on and of course looked stunning.

While I was gone Auntie Kim came over to babysit Annika so that Kris could be outside all day working on the deck. Thank goodness for aunties! I'm sure Annika had a great time because she looooves her Auntie Kim. After Auntie Kim left, Annika was upstairs sleeping so I headed upstairs to join her. She woke up one time (I can't remember if it was because of the fire trucks or Kris pounding outside) but when she saw me laying there, her eyes widened as big as they could go! Then she grinned, wiggled over closer to me and put her hand on my cheek before falling back asleep. So precious.

I've been craving prime rib for a couple weeks so after Kris was done working Saturday night, he came inside, cleaned up and then we headed out for dinner. Kris and I both had prime rib and Annika had grilled chicken with steamed broccoli. I am so proud of Annika all the time. She is such a good little girl. I know she's not two yet and that there are lots of things that could change, but a picky eater she is not. She shared Kris' clam chowder soup with him that night and then ate a bunch of broccoli and chicken for dinner. It was funny though because she kept wanting to dip her chicken in our fresh horseradish. I'm not sure she would have liked that too much! Instead, Kris would dip it in his Au Jus and that seemed to satisfy her. I ordered a strawberry smoothie with dinner and boy did she like that! She kept saying over and over "Nika drink!" I think she drank a third of it.

Yesterday morning after church, Kris headed back outside to work on the deck again. And what did Annika and I do? We went shopping, of course! We got a gift for baby Talia and some summer clothes for next summer for Annika from the clearance racks plus some clothes for presents for her birthday. It was fun hitting the big 3 (Baby Gap, Children's Place and Gymboree) and scoring some really cute clothes.

After lunch and our long nap yesterday, I brought Annika's bounce house out in the backyard so she could jump and play and we could still be outside with Daddy. That worked for a while until she wanted to be up on the deck with him. Since the steps aren't quite done (no railings or sides) and the railings on the main part aren't done, it was pretty dangerous for her to be up there. I stuck close to her and she kept turning around and telling me "Mommy down!" and then pushing me away. She was mad I wouldn't leave her side up there. So instead I diverted her to a different activity. We went inside and got some babies and they "jumped" with Annika in her bounce house. Then she wanted her babies to go up on the deck. Instead we went inside and watched Sesame Street. I had to get her off that deck somehow!

Kris made excellent progress this weekend on the deck. I'm hoping in the next couple weeks that it's all finished. Then Annika can be out there all she wants. And then we can start on the basement!

Posted by Kristina at 8/07/2006 09:31:00 AM

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Friday, August 04, 2006
Congratulations to our friends Jon and Michelle! Michelle delivered a perfect baby girl yesterday, Talia. Talia joines big sister Salix and big brother Acer, who I'm sure are very, very excited to meet their new baby sister. Yay for babies!

It looks like Kris isn't going to be coaching this fall after all. His offer had one condition - that nobody within the school district stepped forward to say they wanted to coach. Guess what - two people did and now Kris is out. Darn! I'm sad for Kris. I think he would have loved this coaching position. And I'm sad for Annika. I think she would have loved some time each day to play with new friends. The only person benefitting from this is me. Now I don't have to try and find childcare for Annika. But I'm sad too. I want Kris to coach. I know he really enjoys it. Hopefully next year he can find a position.

Last night Annika and I attended the Fall 2006 CAbi hostess preview party. The clothes are amazing again this season. I only tried on a few pieces because, well, I'm hoping to not be able to wear any of them this fall. I do think this will be one of the last CAbi events Annika will be attending though. It's not that she was bad, it's just that she was busy. She didn't want to sit still during the presentation and she was all over the place during the trying on. Luckily for me there was another girl there (about 11 or so?) who took a liking to Annika and followed her all around the house (and even took her outside) so I could participate in the evening. I have two CAbi shows this month (one at Lisa's and one at Amanda's) and one in October (at Krystle's) and I'm not sure if I'll bring Annika to any of them. I may need to find babysitters.

Last night on the way to the CAbi show, Amanda was pointing out to Annika all the electrical sub-stations along the road. (Yes, we are geeky engineers, to the core.) Annika, being the little repeater that she is, would say sub-station back to Amanda. Amanda was so proud and was telling Annika that she was teaching her all the important words. Right after Amanda finished saying that, Annika looked at her and said "Auntie Krystle?" Well, Krystle thought that was the greatest thing ever and told Annika that yes, "Auntie Krystle" is a very important word. It was hilarious. Annika also likes to point out all the motorcycles and big trucks to us as we drive. We were following two motorcycles down the road and when we reached our exit, we all had to say good-bye to them.

Less than three weeks until my next doctor appointment! The 23rd can't get here fast enough. I'm hoping to be able to feel the baby move by then. I don't think this anxiousness is going to go away until I hear the heartbeat again and I can feel the baby move. I keep trying to assume all is well and when the anxiety flares up I focus on breathing deeply and trying to consciously relax. I can really get myself worked up sometimes. Kris thinks I'm insane, I'm sure. I'm still not feeling 100% yet. I still need to eat something every couple hours to keep the yuckiness at bay. And I'm still having some food aversions but it's funny how they come and go. One day I'll be able to eat pizza and the next just the thought of it will make me want to vomit. This is a good sign, right? That all is well?

Posted by Kristina at 8/04/2006 08:52:00 AM

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