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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Can someone please tell my son to stop pulling toys over to the coffee table and then using them as stepping stools to crawl up on the coffee table? Can you also please tell him to stop using the closed toy box as a stepping stool to climb on top of the coffee table? Because every time I try and tell him these things (while also taking him down off the coffee table or toy he is trying to climb up) he throws a big fit complete with crying, arching of his back and sadness, sadness, sadness. I tried distraction after distraction - playing, singing, books, food, milk - and he kept going back to drag more toys over to the coffee table. So, if you come over to my house and see the toybox lid open - don't close it or we'll turn our backs for second only to find James standing on the coffee table pounding on the tv screen. (Kristina - why don't you just move the toybox away from the coffee table then? Well, because we use the toybox and coffee table to block access to the entertainment centers with its drawers and cabinets full of non-child friendly wonder and excitement (small piece puzzles, books and candles anyone?) and we don't want to have to put child locks on that piece of furniture) He is only 13 months old, why does he have to start climbing so young? Yikes.

Have you heard of Unbeatable Banzuke or Ninja Warrior? They are both Japanese game shows shown on the G4 Network. We think they are hilarious and have ended up DVR'ing them. Well, apparently Annika likes them too because she's started requesting to watch Unbeatable Banzuke and Ninja Warrior. It is hilarious to listen to her say those words.

Posted by Kristina at 3/26/2008 08:33:00 AM

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