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Sunday, March 09, 2008
Jamesy is doing so many new things lately! It's like a developmental explosion! He now says dada and hi to go along with his mama and uh-oh. (The hi thing is just the cutest. When I get home from work he runs to the door and yells as loudly as he can "Hi!" and then jumps into my arms.) He also shakes his head no, sometimes even when he means yes. But for the most part he gets it right. And his "dancing" now includes spinning. Instead of just bouncing up and down now he spins in a circle too. He can now "give five", wave bye-bye and eat with a fork! Tonight at dinner Kris gave him some macaroni and cheese in a container with a fork. James stabbed the noodles and fed himself!

Last weekend we went up to Breezy Point with Nana and Papa. We had such a good time. Annika particularly loved the swimming pools. We didn't do much up there except relax, play with the kids and take Annika swimming. One day we headed in to Brainerd for lunch and some shopping. Every day though Annika got some pool exposure. She was really good about wearing her life jacket in the big pool. And while she didn't want to get dunked, she would put her face in the water and jump off the side. She even went down the waterslide with me a few times. I had to hold her up at the end so she wouldn't submerge though. She starts swimming lessons on the 31st and I hope that helps her with the dunking and floating on her back and other nervous water issues she has.

I just told Annika that I was writing about her on my blog. Then I asked her what I should write about her. She responded with "Annika!". Then she told me to rub her back for a long time and then tickle her. Kris quipped "Just like her mother." (Kris often rubs my back for me as I fall asleep - am I spoiled or what!)

Annika had her tonsillectomy follow up on Tuesday and was given the all clear. That was good to hear.

Friday night as I was talking on the phone with Gramme, I noticed the kids were quiet and in the corner of the kitchen. As I walked closer to them I heard Annika saying to James "We have to be quiet James!" They were by the lazy susan cabinet which is where we keep the sugar, flour, etc. Annika and James have gotten into the sugar containers before and here Annika and James were scamming to get in there again. When Annika saw me round the corner of the island and give her the stink-eye she took off running out of the kitchen. As she ran she yelled back at James "Run James! Mommy's coming!" What a troublemaker she is! James just grinned at me and then yelled when I closed the cabinet and took him out of the kitchen.

And finally, our puppy dog is sick. Friday I came home from work to find him not using his left hind leg. And Saturday morning he didn't want to use either hind leg. Kris called Nana right away and she suspected Lyme's Disease. Kris hustled Dagur down to Nana's vet clinic and they ran the test. Yep, Dagur has Lyme's Disease. We started him on antiobiotics right away and he's already showing progress. Poor puppy. We're guessing it's been dormant in him for a while and the stress of being put in the shelter last weekend while we were out of town triggered it in him. It's just so sad! Kris has been carrying him (our 75 pound dog) up and down the stairs and outside to go potty. But today he got up on his own and started coming up the stairs to be by us. And tonight he walked over to eat his dinner instead of Kris bringing it to him. We're hoping tomorrow he shows even more progress.

Posted by Kristina at 3/09/2008 06:34:00 PM

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