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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Wasn't yesterday just a gorgeous day? OK, so 50F isn't that warm when it's fall, but in early March in Minnesota it's no jacket weather! Kris and the kids played outside yesterday with the neighbors and everything. Jamesy must have been playing in some water too because his socks and shoes were all wet. When I got home from work yesterday nobody was home. Kris called a couple minutes later from the neighbor's house telling me to come over. I got a big happy greeting from Jamesy when I walked in but Annika was too busy playing to even look up. Stinker. They both had so much fun. We had to leave after not too long so we could eat dinner and get to dance class. Next time we'll have to have Maria, Ryan and Erin over to our house to play.

I knew Annika and James had a good time on vacation last week (who wouldn't love undivided grandparent attention!) but Annika must still be thinking about it. She asked me recently why we have to live so far away from vacation (it was about a three hour drive). Both Annika and James were so sad when we packed them up in the car for the drive home. Both were crying (Annika because she didn't want to leave and Jamesy because he hates his car seat recently - until we get going usually). Hopefully our next vacation isn't too far away. We may get away for a short weekend again in May.

Posted by Kristina at 3/12/2008 08:50:00 AM

Yeah, I love it when spring weather starts! Glad you and the kids got to enjoy it.

I wish I lived closer to vacation too!! LOL! That's great they got out in the warmth.
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